Putting customers first

How We Got Started

I was an award winning field engineer with Amersham / GE Healthcare for over 14 years. Seeing how funding for labs have tightened, I wanted to help. I wanted to offer customers an alternative to keep their systems up and running for a LONG, LONG time. So, I left GE and started Bio Sci Solutions. 

I want to help you move science forward. I offer repair and PM services. I also buy used instruments (please contact me if you have one for sale). I refurbish used systems and sell them to labs like your at a reasonable price. 

Thanks for letting me help with your instrument repair needs!


BreakTime Jewelry

My Daugther-in-law and I work very hard to bring quality instruments and service to our AKTA/Biacore customers. We were looking for a creative outlet in our lives outside of repairs. So we started making jewelry during our breaks... some of them turned out pretty good. So we are offering them at a reasonable price to you! 
http://www.facebook.com/BreakTimeJewelry/  to see our upcoming events