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  • Refurbished AKTA FPLC with Frac-900, new lamp, Freshly PM'ed, Desktop PC, and Unicorn 5.31

    $14,000.00 $10,499.00
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    Looking for a reliable and afforable FPLC? Look no further!

    This AKTA FPLC has been fully refurbished and freshly PM'ed with new pump seals, new UV lamp, new UV filters, new inline and online filters, and new frac-900 drive sleeve. Desktop PC with Unicorn 5.31 installed and configured. 

    Included components:

    • P-920 System Pump
    • UPC-900 Detection Unit with conductivity cell, Hg UV lamp, 254nm UV filter, and 280nm UV filter
    • Frac-900 fraction collector with a flow diversion valve
    • INV-907 Injection Valve
    • M-925 mixer 
    • CU-950 Communication Box
    • Desktop PC

    Fully tested and passed the installation test. (Test results are on the desktop) 

    Includes a 90-day warranty. Extended warranty also available. 

    Additional Services:
    - 1 year extended warranty available for $7000. 
    - Professional Installation available for $1500. 
    - P-960 Sample Pump, Column Valves, Buffer Valves, and Outlet Valves available for an additional cost
    - Upgrade from a Frac-900 to a Frac-950 for an additional $1500

    Let me know what configuration you would like and we will make it custom for you.