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  • **SALE** GE Healthcare AKTA Purifier 10 UPC w/ Frac-920, new lamp, PM'ed, PC, & Unicorn 5.31

    $20,000.00 $13,999.00
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    This system is fully refurbished and tested. Passes OEM's Installation Test. Freshly PM'ed with new lamp, new seals and valve blocks (a $6000 value)  Buy a system from us, and we can guarantee support for 10 more years (even after the OEM stops supporting the AKTAs)?

    This system includes:

    • AKTA Purifier 10 UPC (P900 pump and UPC-900 Monitor)
    • CU-950 communication box
    • INV-907 Injection Valve
    • PV-908 Outlet Valve
    • M-925 Mixer
    • Conductivity Cell
    • Frac-920 fraction collector with bowl
    • 4 inlet filters
    • Column Holder
    • Desktop Computer with Unicorn 5.31 installed (Monitor not included) Upgradable to a a Laptop for $150. 

    Freshly PM'ed with new seals and new UV lamp. Passed installation test. (Results are on the desktop of the PC).